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Mentoring 2012…

The weatherman just said that it was going to be in the high 70s today…so it’s official…my self imposed little winter break, which I seem to sneak in every January and February, is OVER!  I’m excited to announce that I am gearing up for my first one on one mentoring session, of 2012, this coming […]

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Nicole, Jake & Quinn…

When I went to sleep last night, I thought there might be a small chance that we would wake up to some amazing wonder falling from the sky.  Although going into a child like mode; grabbing sleds, boots, and mittens to head out and play would have been exciting, I must admit that the gross […]

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The Williams Family…

Yep, this family is iconic for being cool and totally awesome.  I, in my normal fashion, made a type-o in our meeting time and rather than getting all stressed out about it they went and had lunch in their fancy portrait clothes and still showed up GORGEOUS and all put together.  I wish I could […]

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