Monthly Archives: January 2015

Daddy .&. Mae…

This little moment frozen in time is the exact reason that I love this job forever.  Mae is such a beautiful little girl and she’s growing up in the blink of an eye and a quick snap of my camera shutter.  Seeing her once a year and creating these treasure is a real pleasure and […]

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Long story short, I am no longer married to the ridiculous idea that I am some sort of cow/bull whisperer.  What started as an innocent trip to the Longhorn pasture in hopes of catching some great images on a foggy afternoon ended with a new respect for these larger than life animals. I don’t have […]

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Horseback Riding on The Trails…

Most days I struggle with choosing a favorite anything.  Usually, I just love everything, and if you happen to be one of my clients, then you know that I am being totally honest here.  However, this was one of my favorite days of this Christmas season, at one of my favorite places (if you haven’t […]

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