Dallas ROCKSTARS 2011…

Happy Wednesday Y’ALL.  I have been DYING to share some of the images from my time in Dallas and today’s the day…YEEHAW!

First, I have a little confession to make.  There is something about going to another city with total strangers and exposing yourself completely that keeps me from sleeping for several nights in a row.  The “WHAT IFS” keep floating around in my mind.  What if I don’t meet their expectations?  What if I open my mouth and no words come out?  What if I forget to pack a very important piece of clothing (which I TOTALLY did)?  You know the normal worries of a typical “Type A” personality.

Thankfully, I had cyber chatted with everyone several times before our meeting, and I knew that I was going to be surrounded by a very supportive, energetic group of woman.  We had created an experience that simply blew me away.  BELIEVE ME, even though I had every sticky note that you can imagine with ideas, plans, details and dreams, these women made  my vision come to life and then some.

Erin Montate was generous enough to open her gorgeous studio to us.  She has style beyond belief and her studio was an extraordinary environment for us to learn and share.  Thank you girl, for sharing with us a little glimpse into your world.

Fortunately, Chandi Warner had worked diligently for weeks to put together a group of well styled models…um yeah, she had to deal with me trying to explain what my vision was constantly and the scary part is “SHE GOT ME”!!!  Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!!

And a BIG TEXAS Thank You to our stylist:

Sonja Goodman / Cheavaux Salon in Justin, Texas

Yes, it’s true, you have mad skills.  Thanks for turning already gorge into EXTRAORDINARY.

Last, but not least, a girl is never happy unless she has a full belly.  A HUUUUGGGEEE thank you goes out to our caterer, Lynnell Tysl, of Event Architects.  I don’t miss out on many meals, and if I had you around everyday, I would schedule more feedings just so I could see you style them so purdy.  I mentioned to you that I wanted first class, but if there is a notch above that, you took it there with ease.  Loved our time together and you have to travel with me to my future cities.  I’m nothing without you.

So here’s a small sample of our afternoon with Aubrey, Kara, Anna Lise and Elliott.  You guys made our shoots so enjoyable.  Thanks for being willing to do anything including climbing in an ole, smelly garbage dumpster just to ROCK IT OUT!!!

If you are interested in shooting with me in the future, please check out  the “Learn How” tab on my blog or send me an e-mail (tricialee@windstream.net).  I CAN’T WAIT!!!


Donna - March 15, 2011 - 7:53 pm

wow these are great!

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