Balance Schmalance…

This just may be my most favorite blog title yet.  I find myself saying it over and over again…”BALANCE SCHMALANCE”…it’s kind of catchy, even though it may not be the best time of the year to talk about work-life balance.  That’s right…it’s busy, busy, busy October.  So let’s keep this short and sweet…as nutty as it is around here right now, I wouldn’t want to miss a single minute of this life.   The kids are back in school, fall sports are in full swing and the colorful foliage is slowly presenting itself as the most gorgeous backdrop for so many memorable portrait sessions.

As for me and my gang…we’ve settled nicely into this unbalanced time of year and despite the fact that I’ve fallen very behind on blogging, and most of my current sessions are top secret in order to surprise family and friends everywhere over the holidays…I pinky promise that there are some pretty AMAZE-BALL things to share very soon.

Cheers to you and your gang, and OCTOBER…Life is GOOD.


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