They Did…

They are MARRIED.  And actually, this is a post that I have been waiting for quite some time to share with you guys.  It’s not unlike any other surprise that I am supposed to keep…I love giving them, but rarely make it to the actual delivery date without spilling the beans.  Yep, the anticipation and excitement almost always cause me to be a spoiler.  I promise I try so very hard, but this struggle dates way back to my childhood.   True Confession…I was one of those girls that would un-wrap and re-wrap any Christmas present sitting under the tree with my name on it.  As an adult, I am convinced that there is NO WAY that my parents weren’t on to me, but they never ever said a word.  Honestly, I just couldn’t help myself…surprises are one of my favorite things to get and to give, but the anticipation is something that I just can’t stand and yes, it gets to me every single time.  But today, I MADE IT and am so so SO excited to introduce you to the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Jason Dickerson. 

 We met up and spent a perfect afternoon together down here on the farm.  Because this session was so amazing, I want to share it in several separate post, but for now let’s just soak up the beauty and radiance that is the stunning bride.


Hair and Make-up:  Brittany Crane

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