Everything New is Old Again – Spring 2013 Issue of Flea Market Decor

Even though I knew that it wasn’t due out until February and it is only January 29th, I have been anxiously scouring the magazine isle at Barnes & Nobles every single day for a month.  It is secretly one of my favorite leisure time splurges and I can honestly admit that magazines are my thing, but this month, I was on the hunt for something special.  It was so exciting, and I almost fell out on the floor when I finally spotted the spring issue of Flea Market Décor right in front of me on the shelf.  After nervously flipping through the first few pages and really getting stuck on page 22 (LOVE their style), I FINALLY stumbled upon page 76…yes; right there in print on page 76 was our little farmhouse.

 The article is very well written and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with my very talented and dear friend, Debbie Basnett, of Vintage Scout Interiors, again.  It’s always inspiring to work with people that are doing exactly what they are gifted to do in life and without her this whole project would have never ever been possible.  In addition, let me just say to the previous owners of this little house that we call home…thank you for the stories that you left inside these walls.  Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.  Your stories are what give this home a history and are exactly what attracted me to it from the very beginning.  Oh how I wish these walls could talk, but I have completely enjoyed spending time with each of you and hearing the tales of laughter and tears that happened in your lives during your time living in this 100-year-old farmhouse.

If  you stumble upon a copy of this magazine, there are some really wonderful articles and images of inspiration on each and every page.  Please be sure to check out the shopping guide…we have found so many treasures and have enjoyed working with the many wonderful shop owners in our local area.  If you are looking to treat yourself to an afternoon of treasure hunting, please add their shops to your list of favorites.

 Photography is undoubtedly my favorite part of life, but I think I may have a designer’s soul, so I’m glad that Debbie let me pretend to have a small role in this FABULOUS project.


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