Ah, Spring. Where are you…

 My absolute favorite season is approaching.   And get this:  I know it is coming because there are colorful signs popping up everywhere I turn.   But, I can’t let winter pass without sharing a little taste of its simple (COLD) beauty.  To be perfectly honest, as long as that BIG beautiful sun is glowing in the sky, I can survive most anything.  I totally have a crush on it and yes, it is a NEED, for me, not a simple want.  Just a glimpse of it seems to set all good things in motion, at least in my little world.

 Anyway, last week, I decided to take the morning off and head out early to catch the first rays of sunlight and little ice flakes gathering here, there and most everywhere. Below is a little taste of what I saw before I started to realize that my fingers were FREEZING.  Truth is I’m not real sure how I survived even one winter in Chicago.  These days my freezing point is back to southern normal…somewhere around 50 degrees or so.

 One of the best parts of our morning drive to the gym is pulling through this sunshine splendor.  The light is simply magical and somehow seems to be reaching down to wrap its arms tightly around us insuring another glorious day.

There’s just something about it that makes everything seem much more peaceful and beautiful in the winter.  In the mist of all of the gloom of bare trees and pavement, the light just illuminates in a way that simply doesn’t happen any other time of the year.


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