Philadelphia Eagles…

When we had Chandler all of our friends had little girls. Our friends’ daughters would sit and color, read books, and play imaginative games, but NOT our Chandler. He was WIDE OPEN from the get go. As a matter of fact, I can very clearly remember a fellow parent once saying to us, maybe not so fondly, ‘you’ve got yourself a “pine knot” right there”.

I don’t know much about what makes someone who they are or how our passionate fires first begin to flame, but Chandler’s first word was ball and I promise you that all we ever did, until I was no longer talented enough to keep up, was play ball from sun up until sun down.

He has chased this childhood dream from Atlanta, GA, to Chicago, IL, to Champagne, IL, to El Dorado, KS, to Storrs, CT, and finally to Philadelphia, PA. Honestly, it has been a remarkable journey.

Thanks to all of you that are our friends and family, or those of you that have coached, instructed, mentored, loved, supported, encouraged, and a very special thanks to all of the hard knocks, both literally and figuratively, that I know, that I know, that I KNOW to the very core of my being that God will one day use as a platform for Chandler to make a difference in someone else’s journey, today his dream of wearing a NFL football helmet and calling a cadence becomes a reality.

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I am so very thankful that God saw something special in me and chose me to be the mother of this wide open “pine knot”. He continues to teach me more than I have ever even thought about teaching him, and there is nothing more that I could ask for than an opportunity to observe him chase this most impossible dream with all that he has.

“Don’t just pray about what seems logical and possible. Pray HARD about the impossible. God will show you that NOTHING, nothing, nothing, nothing is impossible with Him. EVER. PERIOD. END OF STORY.” ~ Unknown


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