Kelly Sauer…

“What a strange thing! to be alive beneath cherry blossoms.” – Kobayashi Issa, Poems

I’ve stumbled and fumbled with the words that would somehow express my utmost gratitude to the insanely talented and giving Kelly Sauer.  Spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon with these two is a single moment in time that I will never forget.  Thank you for simply being you and generously letting us experience your creative vision and gift.

I’m looking forward to sharing more and more and more of this soon.




Chasing Fog…

I’ll gladly take all of the winters if they could forever include an hour of fog that gives way to sunshine, temps in the 60s, picnics and rural romping.

The fog may often elude me, but I’m never unwilling to give chase.

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February Fog Inspired…

It’s such a blessing to be inspired by our very own surroundings.  I have to admit that January and February are typically such a struggle for me because at my very core I am a spring/summer/fall kind of girl; however, a little touch of dreary winter fog has a way of unknowingly inspiring me and my art.  The dense thick mystery of it has a way of getting me up and out the door to explore when truth be known I’d much rather be snuggled up at home on an otherwise cold winter day.

Give me fog, every day all day and especially in the dead of winter.


Sara .&. Josie…

I’ve LOVED these two since I started working with them when Josie was just a baby.  They are stylish, funny, warm and always up for just about anything silly.  It’s simply impossible not to love them and any amount of time that I get to spend with them.