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February Fog Inspired…

It’s such a blessing to be inspired by our very own surroundings.  I have to admit that January and February are typically such a struggle for me because at my very core I am a spring/summer/fall kind of girl; however, a little touch of dreary winter fog has a way of unknowingly inspiring me and […]

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Horseback Riding on The Trails…

Most days I struggle with choosing a favorite anything.  Usually, I just love everything, and if you happen to be one of my clients, then you know that I am being totally honest here.  However, this was one of my favorite days of this Christmas season, at one of my favorite places (if you haven’t […]

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A Scratch on the Nuzzle…

Good Morning, Thursday. We just returned from our morning wander and making new friends.  Around these parts a simple scratch on the nuzzle is all it takes to make someone’s day. PS…the words still haven’t come for my upcoming article…I DID stop for dinner, went to Boston, The Cape, Fenway and still there are no […]

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