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A day at the lake with The Powells…

Things that are truer than true:  I love and adore this family like they are my very own and please excuse me whilst I close my eyes and remember this amazing day of love, laughter, blue skies, sunsets and the lake… ENJOY!!! This is the spot where Chad and Stephanie were engaged…LOVE!

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Summer Sunflowers…

Let’s just get this out there.  I am not a huge fan of Summer thunderstorms, and we’ve had a couple of real doozies in our small town this week.  Even though they’ve caused some session shuffling, they’ve also given me a chance to head out and capture a bit of nature’s own sunshine to share. […]

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I know it isn’t even February yet, but we all need a small dose of summer in January…don’t we? Yes, there’s something enchanting about winter and the bleak, russet landscape suddenly draped in winter frost.  The stillness and quite are magical and I, for one, love waking up early just to soak up the rare […]

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