Monthly Archives: May 2013

Spring in a gorgeous green velvet robe…

This robe stopped me dead in my tracks, and the minute I saw Karen in it I knew that something magical was about to happen.  She is simply the most radiant and graceful person that I have ever had the privilege of photographing…LITERALLY! Some pictures need no words so I’ll quit typing and hope that […]

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Here’s proof that I just can’t help myself…I ADORE BABIES!!!  Really, what’s not to love?  They have the most adorable faces and if you can ever slow them down long enough, they LOVE to snuggle.  I must admit that boys are especially fun…they NEVER EVER stop moving.  In his one minute (truly this all happened […]

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The Avenue of the Oaks…

May 13th couldn’t get here quick enough…it was THE magic release date for all of the pretty from Elizabeth Messina’s A Lovely Workshop in Sea Island, GA.  Unlike my typical “Type-A” self, I let the date come and go without getting my first blog post done.  Yes, I am usually so very punctual, which for […]

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