Monthly Archives: November 2013

Should’ve been…

Honestly, I should’ve been a cowgirl except when it comes to climbing fences.  I tried to act all willing and able, while holding my precious camera gear, and once I made it safely over the top rail, I fell right on my right bum and busted it.  It wasn’t graceful at all, but the good […]

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misty mornings…

Although sleeping until noon is a real luxury for most NORMAL folks, that luxury has eluded me for years.  The silver lining is that early mornings can be so peaceful and full of inspiration, and what you do with them sets the tone for the whole entire day. Lately, I’ve decide to get out from […]

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piano boy…

I am a nester or better yet a homebody, but one of my favorite things about visiting your homes during our sessions is how each of  you always have a unique way of making me feel right at home when I am with you. It’s not often that I have those extra minutes to come […]

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