Amanda came into our lives a couple of months ago and I knew right away that she was something special.  She is going to be a sophomore at the University of Illinois, and because it takes one to know one, I knew right away that she was a total “Type A” personality.  Her studies are VERY important to her and she has the grades to show for it.  In addition, she is the social chairman for her sorority, and has an incredible future in front of her no matter what she decides to do with it.  

The photographer in me couldn’t wait to get her in front of the camera.  After meeting with Ann, of Pretty Girl Couture, last week, I knew instantly who I want my model to be.  So with a little bit of begging, okay maybe a lot of begging, I TEXTED Amanda and asked her if she would considers helping us out.  She not only said YES, but she is killing me with the wardrobe and beauty that she brought to our session. 

So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK you Amanda!  You rocked my world.  We HAVE to do it again soon.  ENJOY!!!


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